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In this course, Anish and CJ will take you through various aspects of GMAT preparation, and will help you understand how to prepare for the GMAT and how to handle each question type on the GMAT.

There will be pre-session and post-session homework assignments that will be uploaded in this course. So do bookmark this page and keep revisiting for updates.

While you can access the sessions using a cell phone also, try to use a laptop to get the most out of the sessions.

The sessions will be interactive. So, check your mics and webcams beforehand. You’d need an internet connection with at least a 1.5mbps bandwidth.

There will be 2 ‘office hours’ (mentioned in the timetable). You could use those office hours to discuss any questions related to our sessions, your practice, or anything related to your GMAT prep.

Here is the schedule of the online classroom course:

Sessions timings: 12:30 – 2:30 PM IST (UTC + 05:30)
The sessions might run over by ~10-15 minutes. So, do keep that buffer.

Video Lessons for Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing Assessment

12:30 PMTopicSession DetailsLead
5th February 2022Reading SkillsSentence LevelAnish
6th February 2022Reading SkillsHow to read complex sentencesAnish
12th February 2022 Reading SkillsMaking ConnectionsCJ
13th February 2022 Critical ReasoningInferenceCJ
19th February 2022 Critical ReasoningGap AnalysisAnish
20th February 2022 Critical ReasoningStrengthen Weaken Evaluate – 1Anish
26th February 2022 Critical ReasoningStrengthen Weaken Evaluate – 2Anish
27th February 2022 Critical ReasoningParadox & BFAnish
5th March 2022Critical ReasoningAssumptionsCJ
6th March 2022 Reading ComprehensionRC – 1CJ
12th March 2022Reading ComprehensionRC – 2Anish
13th March 2022Reading Comprehension(12:30 PM)RC-3CJ
13th March 2022Office Hour 1(3:30 PM)OH-1Anish
19th March 2022Sentence CorrectionStructuring & Meaning 1CJ
20th March 2022 Sentence CorrectionStructuring & Meaning 2CJ
26th March 2022 Sentence CorrectionSV, Pronouns, VT CJ
27th March 2022Sentence CorrectionModifiersCJ
2nd April 2022 Sentence CorrectionParallelismCJ
3rd April 2022 Sentence CorrectionComparisonCJ
9th April 2022 Office Hour 2( 12:30 PM) OH-2CJ

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