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OH 4 – 20th May 2022 7:00 AM– Your Questions + Session Recording

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Meeting ID: 913 9834 1051
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Please add your questions for this office hour in the comments section below.

  1. You may ask any questions related to pre-session/ session/ post-session content, your practice, or overall prep.
  2. To make the best use of the office hour, make your questions as specific as possible.
  3. If you’d like to discuss a practice question, please note:
    • The question should be an official question, or from our pre/ post-session work
    • Discussing complete questions will not be feasible, nor helpful for you.
    • Mention the specific aspect(s) you’d like to discuss.
    • Add what exactly your understanding is, what you don’t get, and why.
  4. If you do not mention your specific problem and explain your understanding regarding the issue, your doubt will be taken at the end and only if time permits. Thus, to make sure your doubts are taken up by the instructors, spend time formulating your doubts.
  5. Please enter your questions in the comments at least 12 hours before the Office Hour time. Doubts entered within 12 hours of the office hour will be entertained only if time permits.
  6. All Office hours, excluding open office hours, will start at the same time as the regular session timings.
  7. Office hours will be 1 hour in duration.
  8. If this office hour has already happened, enter your questions in the upcoming one.

Here is a sample doubt asked by a previous student that should give you an idea of how to best ask your doubts:


Like Auden, the language of James Merrill is chatty, arch, and conversational—given to complex syntactic flights as well as to prosaic free-verse strolls.

(A) Like Auden, the language of James Merrill
(B) Like Auden, James Merrill’s language
(C) Like Auden’s, James Merrill’s language
(D) As with Auden, James Merrill’s language
(E) As is Auden’s the language of James Merrill

I am clear with the correct answer which is C. Have doubts in D and E.

I am trying to understand what ‘with’ modifies in D. I understood ‘with’ to mean ‘in the case of’ here. Does the use of ‘with’ in D suggest that the comparison is between the languages of the two people or that the comparison is between Auden and JM’s language?

In E, I see the comparison seems fine. The only issue is the passive construction of ‘the language of James Merrill’ which is a quality issue? Do we need a comma after Auden’s?


There are several things to notice the way the doubt has been asked:

First, the person has pasted the question rather than just a link to the question. Having the question right in front saves time for the instructors.

Second, the person has asked questions with respect to specific options.

Third, the person has shared the exact doubts he had with respect to those options.

Fourth, the person has shared his understanding of his doubt area rather than just asking the instructor to explain.

If you have all these four components in the way you are asking your doubt, you are asking the right way 🙂