The Right Way to Prepare

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Master the skills you need to ace the GMAT.

As most of us realise, simply practicing more and more questions is not the way to get that high GMAT score.

You’ve watched your friends and peers get great score in what seem like no time at all.

There is just one small problem – for some unknown reason you are not able to get that high score despite putting in some serious effort.

So you do what most test-takers do: you practice more questions.

You go through multiple Official Guides, and other non-official sources.

Maybe you even join a course or two, go through YouTube videos, or go through books.

Just that, the hundreds of hours you invest in preparation do not even get you close to the kind of scores you expected.

But never mind – there is still time.

And if you keep practicing more questions and revising concepts, the GMAT adaptive algorithm will work in your favour eventually, right?

Well, not really. 

Because, you see …

Putting in effort without a clear understanding of where you are going wrong will not get you anywhere.

And what's worse ...

You interpret this ‘inability’ to get a high score to mean so much more.

  • stand-still career path
  • You start questioning your smartness in all walks of life
  • You put everything else in life on-hold
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A way through which ...

you measure progress intrinsically

rather than through accuracy and scores in practice tests.

you learn and grow yourself too

You develop skills that will help you in your MBA and beyond.

you would deserve a high score

and not just desire one.



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GMAT Intensive is a live-online course that will help you master the test through developing skills, and applying logic and common sense.

This comprehensive course that will take you through all aspects you need to focus on to get your desired GMAT score. 

GMAT Intensive is a skill-building course. You will understand what skills are truly tests on the GMAT, and you will receive training to build those skills.

If you put in the efforts that this course would demand of you, you will find an invigorated clarity about how to prepare for the GMAT, and you will understand intrinsically when you are improving. 



Hi, I am Anish Passi I’m a GMAT coach based in Delhi, India although my students are international.

Teaching has been a big part of my life. From teaching programming and Math courses as a Teaching Assistant during my undergrad years at McMaster University, Canada, to taking CAT classes, part-time, while pursing my MBA at IIM Ahemdabad, teaching has always been a passion.

Hi, I am Chiranjeev Singh. I’m a GMAT coach based in Delhi, India helping students across the globe.

I teach the way I have learned – through persistent questioning. The series of whys and hows forces students to think deeper and clearer than they normally would. While my methods help students score higher on the GMAT, they are meant to make a person learn anything at depth.

We have spent many years interacting with other GMAT instructors, critiquing and developing GMAT content, and, most importantly, working with many GMAT students. We understand this test, and what it takes to succeed on it.

Here's what you'll learn


Module 1

Reading skills

In this section we will cover 'how to read'. Many students falter at this foundational stage without even realising they are doing so.

Reading skills

3 live sessions - 2+ hours each

module 2

critical reasoning

We'll work upon the core skills that are tested in CR. We'll help you become a better critical thinker.

critical reasoning

5 live sessions - 2+ hours each, 2 Recorded Sessions

module 3

reading comprehension

How to read an RC passage. How to understand its reasoning structure. How to answer RC questions.

reading comprehension

3 live sessions - 2+ hours each

module 4

psychology of gmat

GMAT journey can be a taxing one. Your mindset, beliefs, and self-talk play a very important role in your journey.

psychology of gmat

2 live sessions

module 5

Problem solving

GMAT Problem Solving is about a lot more than knowing formulae and solving equations. You will learn the right process to prepare for Quant. We will help you become better at applying logic and reasoning to solve questions.

problem solving

10 live sessions , 1 Recorded Session


data sufficiency

We'll share our step-by-step process to solve DS questions, and together we'll apply the process to various DS questions.

data sufficiency

1 live session, 1 Recorded Session + content discussed in some Problem Solving sessions

module 7

data insights

Data insights is an intersection of Quant and Critical Reasoning sections. We'll take you through each question type and help you learn how to solve such questions systematically.

data insights

4 live sessions

doubt sessions

office hours

You will have weekly doubt-handing sessions with Anish or CJ. In these sessions you may discuss anything related to your GMAT prep - anywhere from a specific official question to your overall prep strategy.

office hours

Every week for 6 months = over 24 Office hours

We've got some pretty awesome




Trackers to access ALL the official questions released over the years. Detailed solutions to over 200 questions. A comprehensive error log.


Your student portal

The structured course includes videos, articles and drills to complement the live sessions. Expect to put in a lot of time outside the live sessions too 🙂

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recordings of sessions

You will have access to recordings of all live sessions. You'll have access to the student portal for 6 months from the course start date.

Focus Edition Batch 6 – Weekend


26th May 2024 – 15th Sep 2024
12:30 – 2:30 PM IST (UTC+05:30)

Fee: INR 30,000

High focus on


We will maintain a very clear focus on helping you understand the process we follow to understand and answer questions. To get there, we will go extremely deep into a handful of questions, and not worry about the width of questions covered. For example, in the Reading Comprehension sessions, we will cover one passage and its questions each. We’ll dissect the passages to a completely granular level to explain the process of how to handle Reading Comprehension on the exam. Post our sessions, you will have the tools to apply the takeaways to your prep and practice to improve your ability.

The course is for you if you are willing to put in efforts to fundamentally change and improve your way of preparation, and you’re not looking for a “quick-fix” or a “hack” to try to get a good score.

“I had this phobia about GMAT, and after GMAT Intensive, the phobia is gone now. The way I look at questions now: it’s like it is not very complicated, it is actually very simple, you just need to use the right approach and you’ll get there. – Sonali

“This course was not for someone who’s at a beginner level or someone has an advanced level, it suits for all you. You don’t have to look any anywhere beyond. This is one of those solid opportunities that you have online” – Gowtham


“The teachers are focussed on helping the children build and develop the skills required for GMAT “
– Mishthi

“This course teaches you the skills that you need to tackle the exam. There are no shortcuts. This course helps you develop your skills sytematically. The focus is on developing the right method and the right approach. And eventually the results will come. They came for me.”
Gurnoor Singh Gandhi

Refund policy


We are handing you our step-by-step coaching strategy that we have used with 100’s of students in our 1-on-1 sessions to help them get great results.

The content we teach isn’t just random advice with a few concepts thrown.

It is based on our years of working individually with GMAT-takers to understand exactly why they falter and how to help them improve.

We know that if you apply your learning, put in the effort to follow the path that we recommend to the T, and embrace the willingness to learn and not simply score through shortcuts, you will be successful.

That said, if at any point during the live sessions you decide that you are unsatisfied with the GMAT INTENSIVE for whatever reason, and you bring it to our attention , we’ll refund your full investment.

Just that you should have attended all the LIVE sessions till then.


Why do we ask that you should have attended the LIVE sessions?

Because we created GMAT INTENSIVE to stretch your vision about what’s possible, both for you and your GMAT journey.

As your mentors, we’re here to hold you accountable to your goals – not to allow you to throw in the towel the moment you come up against something you can’t figure out.

We’re bringing everything we’ve got to this course – our experience, our time and our attention.

We have no problem allowing you to walk away from the course as long as you’ve given it your best shot.


everything you need to start enjoying your gmat journey is waiting inside.

Enrol today!

GMAT Focus Edition Weekend Batch

Start date: 26th May 2024

12:30 – 2:30 PM India time (UTC+05:30)

Sessions on Sat and Sun (Weekend)

Fee: INR 30,000

Timings don’t suit you? Then GMAT Intensive Focus Edition Recorded might be right for you.

Got any unanswered questions? Please write to us at

Got a question?

Your answer may well be in the FAQ's below ...

The GMAT INTENSIVE is comprised of 28 LIVE interactive web-conference sessions and a series of companion drills and homework exercises, all of which would reside in a secure online classroom. You can access the course from a desktop computer or any mobile device making it easy to consume content whenever and wherever you choose.

Full Course
28 2-hr live, interactive sessions

Office hours every week for 6 months 

The course will act as a framework for you to understand the skills that the GMAT tests, and help you build those abilities. You will be able to use this course along with your own preparation to master the GMAT.

No, Mock tests aren’t a part of the course. However, you’llbe guided on which mocks to purchase. For practice, the course includes trackers through which students can practice thousands of official questions

We do not have a demo class but you can view the coaches’ free workshop here so you’ll have an idea of their approaches: Youtube

You can also have a look at the sample lessons to have a better idea of the course:-  

1.Critical Reasoning – Gap Analysis

2.Critical Reasoning – Analogies in CR answer choices

3.Critical Reasoning – Assumptions

4.Quant – Inequalities

All live sessions in the live batches will be recorded and are available for 180 days. So if you missed a session, you can always review them through the recordings.

There are 3 ways to get your doubts resolved.

1. Your doubts related to the live session you may ask during or at the end of the live session.
2. Your doubts related to pre and post-session work you may ask as a comment on the portal itself. The coaches typically get back within 24 hours.
3. You will also have weekly Office Hours (doubt sessions) every weekend for 6 months. In these office hours you may discuss anything related to your GMAT prep. There is a format in which we expect you to post your doubts at least 12 hours before the session so other students may also go through them beforehand.


We’ll cover all the important concepts and work on the processes and the skills required to apply those concepts. However, some grammar rules and simpler mathematical concepts will not be covered in the course.

For any learner just starting their GMAT journey, and anyone who is unsure about how to further improve.

We’ll all be there to learn. The questions you’d have, many others would have also. So, interaction helps everyone. Plus, it helps keep the sessions lively.

We like to keep our sessions interactive. That way we can ask questions based on your answers to help develop your understanding. If you would like to be a silent participant, we will respect that. But, we do recommend that you participate to maximize your learning.

We will work on the foundation in a way that we believe will help you get a high score. We do not cover tricks and hacks. If you are looking for a short-cut to get a good score without putting in the effort, this would not be a good fit.

We focus on depth, and not breadth. If you are looking for a high quantity of questions per session, this course is not right for you. 

In our CR sessions, we typically cover 2-3 questions/ session

In RC: 1 passage / session

Within these questions, we go threadbare and explore all aspects of the questions in-depth. 

If you are looking for a high quantity of questions, this course may not be a right fit.

If you value quality over quantity and depth over width, and if you’re willing to learn, no matter where you are in your GMAT prep journey, the course will help.

We recommend that while going through the live sessions, you:
1. Revise each session
2. Do the drills associated with each lesson.
3. Do all the pre-work and post-work for each session.

Doing these activities could take you anywhere from 2 – 4 hours every day, over and above the session time. 

Anish and CJ will both be a part of the course in equal capacity. 

Yes. During office hours, Anish or CJ will be available to handle your doubts. These doubt-sessions will be for the entire batch, and not 1-on-1.

The office hours will be held every week for 6 months

No. The Office Hours are group sessions. You can certainly ask your questions.

We ask that you make your questions specific, and show that you have put in thought.

E.g., it will not make sense for us to take up a question like: “Can you please explain this CR question?”

If you ask us, “I could not understand why option C is wrong, the passage already gives such and such details. What am I missing?” We’d be happy to try to work with you to help you understand it.

Perfect! That means you don’t have years of bad habits we need to undo. If you’re just starting out this is a great opportunity to build a clean foundation from the get-go.

When it comes down to it, the question of whether the GMAT INTENSIVE is worth the investment is really up to you.

Of course, you can find heaps of advice online for free, but in reality, you’re probably already wasting hours searching for answers to simple questions, only to wind up feeling none the wiser.

Alternatively, you can make a one-time investment in the GMAT INTENSIVE and receive access to a course that promises to help you prepare for the GMAT in a way that is logical, measurable and enjoyable.

The bottom line?

When you join this course, you’re investing in more than just an online program – you’re investing in yourself and your future.

Good question. Anish and Chiranjeev are among the top GMAT tutors in India and have been in the GMAT space since 2012.

You can go through verified reviews that both have received on their respective Google and LinkedIn profiles to see what their past students have to say. 

The simple answer? You don’t. We don’t either.

The truth is, we have no idea what you do when we’re not in the session, or how good you are at following instructions and executing new ideas.

All we can do is point you to our testimonials so you can see what happens when people who were once in the position you’re in now commit to following our process and take action.

When you see something that you know you need, it’s easy to think to yourself “I’ll put this off until a “better” time. The only trouble is, no such time exists, and before you know it, you’ve wasted weeks you could have used to improve your GMAT standing, and you’re still frustrated and dissatisfied.

Part of our role as educators is to hold you to the same high standards that we hold for ourselves and encourage you to take decisive actions.

That’s why we only offer the GMAT INTENSIVE for a short period — to help you quickly decide whether it’s the right option for you, so you don’t waste time procrastinating or avoid making a decision.

And, don’t forget. The course is currently offered at a pre-launch fee. The fee is bound to go up in the future.

Payment can be made through credit or debit cards, netbanking and various wallets.

We also accept International Payments now.

Once you register, you’ll get access to the GMAT INTENSIVE course which will have all relevant details.

We sure do! We now also offer GMAT Intensive – Recorded – the same course with session recordings of a past batch. 

In addition, you’ll also get 6 Office hours to address your queries.

For details, and to enroll visit: GMAT Intensive Recorded

Yes, you may join GMAT Intensive Recorded now, and transfer to a live batch later

Here’s what you can do: 
Step 1. Join the GMAT Intensive recorded course 
Step 2. Enroll in any of the next 3 live batches by simply paying the difference 

If somehow you feel the recorded course was enough, great! You need not enroll in a live batch. If you’d like the live sessions, you have that option.

If you’d like to avail this option, simply enroll in GMAT Intensive Recorded now. We’ll share information about future batches over email. You just email us to let us know which batch you’d like to join. And we’ll get you sorted out.

Yes. We can now accept international payments.

Yes. To pay in instalments, please follow these steps when purchasing a course:

1. On the checkout page, fill out the billing details and checkout by clicking ‘Place Order’
2. On the payment gateway, choose ‘EMI’ from the list

fill out your bank details, choose your preferred installment plan, then click ‘PAY’.

Write to us at with your questions, and we’ll get back to you. 

We do not have a calling function. So, you’ll not able to get on a call with someone. However, we are pretty responsive over email, and our team replies with inputs directly from the coaches.

Got any unanswered questions? Please write to us at